Office 365 Business – Why Renton Businesses Need It

Over 1 million companies worldwide use Office 365 for business with 600,000 of those being in the United States. Office 365 for business is Microsoft’s cloud-based communication and collaboration platform. Most of you will recognize the premium products like Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and Outlook for your email. As an office 365 business consulting firm helping businesses in the Renton area, we can help you navigate the research, set up and implementation of your Office 365 for business set up.

We are a Microsoft Silver Partner, and as such offer Office 365 business consulting services in Renton to enable small and mid-sized businesses the ability to have cloud collaboration systems to help their employees become more efficient.

Some of the major benefits of Office 365 for business you likely already know by using their flagship product, Microsoft Office. You probably are using an out of date version, however, which will impact your ability to share and open documents from vendors and customers alike. In addition, you may not be benefiting from the cloud nature of the current product by storing and backing up documents online for secure storage and use from anywhere. Some of the other benefits clients get by using Office 365 for business are:

  • Anytime and anywhere collaboration between employees
  • High-level data security and control
  • Synchronized between devices
  • Freedom from software licensing headaches and constant upgrades

Contact us today and we can help research, procure, and set up your office with Office 365 for Business. 206-300-0081.

Onedrive for Business On-Demand & Secure Access to Your Data

Onedrive is your online storage system and is a critical element of the overall Office 365 for business setup. With it, you will securely store documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations (any type of file really) in the cloud for easy retrieval from any device. Businesses in Renton will benefit from Onedrive for business because it:

  • Is reliable, secure and easy to use
  • Makes remote working possible
  • Enough space for all your documents and can easily be expanded

Onedrive also makes it easy to securely share documents internally or with those outside of your company. Collaborate or review documents together and literally be on the same page. Updates happen in real-time by either party (easily configured with a variety of options) so when the meeting is over, the document is already updated!

Why Choose Us As Your Renton Office 365 Consultant

While Office 365 for business is easy to use, set up and migration to it can be a bit difficult for the uninitiated. However, as a Silver Microsoft partner, we have been through migration, set up and training of Office 365 many times and can help you do it right the first time. Hiring us as an Office 365 consultant will:

  • Keep you productive and focused on your business
  • Save you time
  • Follow best practices for security and set up
  • And more!

You can pick from amongst many subscription plans like Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 ProPlus, etc., depending on your specifics and any special IT requirements.

Want to integrate Microsoft Office 365 and Onedrive for business into your Renton business? Call us at (206) 502-2805 to begin the conversation.

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