We support computers up to 6 years old, running Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and macOS 10.12 Sierra and later. Some major brand warranty lookup pages are posted here, and we can support you in choosing a new computer if you need it.


Most of our services are provided remotely, over the internet. If your connection isn't fast enough, it can prevent our ability to address problems, install updates, or effectively provide support. More important, if you have a slow connection, you may experience frustration in accessing websites, streaming video, etc. At a minimum, we require a 10Mbps down and 5Mbps up connection.

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Stratocent At Home can assist you in locating alternate Internet Service Providers if your connection is too slow.

Our customers receive support on their specifically covered computers, and their home network. The Internet of Things, which include Smart Home devices like doorbells, thermostats, interactive devices from Amazon and Google, smart light bulbs and sensors, are supported by their manufacturers, and we support our customers in making sure they have a solid network to connect to. For security purposes, we recommend isolating the IOT devices in your home on their own guest WiFi network.
Printers are mechanical devices that come in a full spectrum of quality from poor to amazing. Described very simply, it is our experience that inkjet printers are less reliable and more temperamental than laser printers. It is almost always better to connect a printer to your ethernet network than to attempt to connect it via WiFi or USB. Inkjet printers tend to be more expensive to use than laser printers, yet the quality of their output falls short of what you can expect from a laser printer. We cannot stress how important it is to use manufacturer toner and not "compatible brand" toners. We will support laser printers that are connected directly to the wired network. ​ If you're interested, we have very good experience with Brother Laser Printers. ​
We can assist you in setting up your home network to allow for you to watch or play whatever you like to your heart's content. However, it may require making adjustments to your home network - upgrading your internet service, or upgrading the hardware (your router/firewall, your WiFi, etc.) to have things perform the way you want. While we will support you to upgrade your network, the Internet Service and hardware are not included.
Consider this - do you shop online? Do you buy movie tickets online? Do you bank online? Do you file your taxes online or send financial information over email to your accountant? Do you pay your bills online? Have you ever entered your credit card number or social security number online? We would be surprised if you can say "no" to all of those questions AND be reading this page. The real question should be, would you want anything but the BEST anti-virus product protecting what's important to you?
Traditional anti-virus products rely on a daily definition file to be downloaded that includes most of the currently known threats. Unfortunately, there are literally hundreds of thousands of new threats released every day, Zero Day Threats, that a definition file will never include. Further, traditional anti-virus programs are designed to remove the infection AFTER it has been discovered on the computer, whereas Deep Instinct, with deep learning artificial intelligence, actually predicts zero day threats and stops them before they can infect the computer.
We believe there isn't another service in today's marketplace that provides a more complete package of services, at a better price point, provides better protection, or better service than Stratocent At Home. Our focus is prevention. Where other services talk about virus removal, we are committed to stopping the viruses from getting onto your computer in the first place. ​
Our support desk is based in the mid-west (Central Time Zone). In the Pacific Time Zone, we are starting with 8am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday. As our client base grows, we will be able to expand the hours, and while our goal is to make this available 24x7x365, we aren't there quite yet.
Zero. Our remote services are all-inclusive. We don't charge hourly fees.
Zero. We don't charge service setup fees.
We charge a low monthly fee for each computer you want to protect. $29.95
Our promise is that you have someone you can call when you need help (during our published help desk hours, of course!) We promise to spend as much time with you as we need to so that your issue is resolved. We include cutting edge software that protects you, your data, and your computer from outside threats, and for us, it's a bit of a gamble that we say we are going to do such a good job, you won't need to be on the phone with us for hours, and you're hoping you don't have an issue that will take hours, but with this arrangement, you know you won't be charged extra if it does. Test My Connection DELL LENOVO HP APPLE ACER

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